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Wolfhorde releases digital tribute EP to roots of Finnish Folk Metal

Wolfhorde | Nordic Metal

Wolfhorde is releasing a tribute EP with three cover songs from the best known pioneers of Finnish metal music: Finntroll, Moonsorrow and Amorphis. These bands have been big inspiration to Wolfhorde and also to many others.

From the core, Wolfhorde is a Folk Metal band, but after all categories don’t really mean that much. With this release we want to show where our biggest musical inspiration comes from and how long and diverse is the history of Finnish Folk Metal, which leads back to early 90’s death metal of Amorphis, to Epic Heathen Metal of Moonsorrow and finally to humppa-infused black metal of Finntroll.

All these bands are bound together, but everyone with their very different styles of music. Even the language of every song is another. We thought that a compilation of these unique songs should definately make an interesting time travel to roots of this genre of music…

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Remix Competition Winners Announced

Shure UK Blog

After 5 months, and having considered over 600 entries from around Europe, Shure & Snow Patrol are delighted to announce the winning remixes on theFallen Empires Remix Website.

A shortlist of 20, chosen by Shure Europe was presented to the band in January, and the band have selected bronze, silver, and gold winning remixes from this list. All 20 submissions were lovingly crafted – ranging in style from full orchestral to stripped down acoustic, but after all was said and done, it was the winners approach of  “turning the track up to 11” that came out on top.

Here is a breakdown of the winning submissions:

Bronze – is awarded to Janusz Zalewski, who is subsequently the winner of Shure gear worth 500 Euros for his laid back, funky version.

In second place, the silver award of Shure gear worth 1000 euros is presented to Peter Galaksikov for his impressive string heavy take on Fallen…

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